Simcoe Computer Repair

Slow computer? Suspect a virus?

I’ve been repairing and speeding up computers in Simcoe and Norfolk County since 2004. I would love to fix your computer and get you back up and running in 2 days or less! Great reviews & great pricing!

What I Do:

  • Slow Computer Speed-Up
  • Apple Computer Repairs (MacBook, iMac)
  • Virus Removal & Clean-Up
  • Data Recovery & Transfer
  • New Hard Drive & RAM Installation
  • Looping Windows Start Up Errors

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Rated Among the Three Best Rated Computer Repair Services in Norfolk County!

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Don’t put your personal data is at risk, let me save your computer and speed it up.

PC Repair and Restoration

There are a number of ways your computer can become slow, troublesome or unusable… Reach out today for fast and reliable computer repair service in Simcoe and Norfolk area!

*Plus cost-of-parts if applicable.
**Alternative options may be presented that could bear a cost.

Does Your Computer/Laptop Have These Issues?

Computer is Slow to Start

Over time your computer slows down due to of a number of factors. Many of these issues can be harmless. It’s just a matter of narrowing in on the variables, removing them one at a time.

 ‘Start up processes’ are one of the main causes. These come from programs and accessories like printers. They are often auto installed software without you realizing. You just need to know where to look! 

Computer Runs VERY Slowly

Clutter is a computers worst enemy. Just like in real life, your computer accumulates background clutter. If you don’t keep an eye on it your computer slows down… yikes!

A computer’s performance is also affected by the number of programs and apps running in the background. Most of the time you may not even realize how many processes you have going on.

Wicked Fast Hard Drives (SSD)

Up until recently, most new computers came with a mechanical HARD DISK DRIVE (HDD). This older style of hard drive relied on a spinning disk to save and read data. They tend to slow down, and have a low ‘top speed’. Nowadays, there are SOLID STATE DRIVES which can easily replace the old HDD’s to give you a phenomenal speed boost. You will also enjoy enhanced data security, since these SSD’s have no moving parts and are much less prone to failure. 

Bogus Search Engines

A common computer problem in Simcoe and Norfolk County is the ‘fake search engine’. You think you’re using Google, but it doesn’t quite look right. If you notice odd advertisements or strange logos – Let me know!

These fake search engines sneak their way into being your default search so that they can make money off of ads. Worse yet, they prevent you from finding solutions!

Fake Anti Virus / Ransomware

Phoney virus programs that claim to be able to resolve your slow computer and virus problems… IN EXCHANGE FOR TONS OF MONEY?

If it feels like a rip off, or too convenient to be true… It probably is. Ask me to check it out and see if we can remove the ransomware from your computer. Generally these programs are accidentally installed, and can be easily removed.

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Recently Repaired Computers

Pickup/Drop off Details

Usually customers will drop their computers off at my house, and repairs are typically completed in 48 hours. In certain circumstances a home-visit may be possible, but due to the lengthiness of most computer repair processes and tasks, the work is best done in my shop. Pickups are also available if you require extra assistance. 

Service Area

I help struggling computer owners/business operators across Norfolk County, including: