Slow Computer? Suspect a Computer Virus?

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Slow computers are a pain, and there’s nothing worse than suspecting you have a computer virus.

Don’t put your personal data is at risk, let me save your computer and speed it up.

I’ve been fixing people’s computers in Simcoe and Norfolk County since 2004 and would love to help speed up your computer, remove viruses, and make it run like new!

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Does Your Computer/Laptop Have These Issues?

There's a number of ways your computer can become troublesome and unusable... Fast and reliable computer repair in Simcoe and area starts today!
No charge if the issue isn't resolved.

Computer is Slow to Start

Over time your computer slows down because of a number of factors. Most of the factors are harmless, it's just a matter of narrowing in on these variables, and removing them one at a time.

The biggest causes of a slow starting computer are called 'start up processes'... These come from programs and accessories like printers often install software without you realizing. You just need to know where to look!

Computer Runs VERY Slowly

Clutter is your computer's worst enemy. Just like a messy counter top in real life, your computer accumulates clutter if you don't keep care of it.

I know it's hard to manage on your own, that's where I come in! I can log in remotely and manage the mess. I know what to look for and by removing certain clutter, I can speed up your computer by a very noticeable amount.

Bogus Search Engines

A common computer problem in Simcoe and Norfolk County is the 'fake search engine'. You think you're using Google, but it doesn't quite look right. If you notice odd advertisements or strange logos - Let me know!

These fake search engines sneak their way into being your default search so that they can make money off of ads. Worse yet, they prevent you from finding solutions!

Fake Anti Virus / Ransomware

I've noticed a spike in instances of phoney virus program that claim to be able to resolve your slow computer and virus problems... IN EXCHANGE FOR TONS OF MONEY.

If it feels like a rip off, or too convenient to be true... It probably is. Ask me to check it out and see if we can remove the ransomware from your computer. Generally these programs are accidentally installed, and can be easily removed.

Remote computer repair is available in certain circumstances, however it requires your presence to reset and reconnect the remote connection.
Repairing computers often takes a lot of ‘turning it off and on again’.

What I Do:

What I Don't Do:

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I look forward to helping you make your computer function better.
It doesn’t have to be so slow!

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I Love Fixing Computers in Simcoe & Norfolk County

I’ve lived in Simcoe since 2003 and have been repairing computers, speeding up computers and removing viruses since 2004.

I learned to fix computers back in the hey-day of the modern computer era. When Windows 95 came out, a lot of new opportunities to destroy your family computer also came with it.

In order to avoid the proverbial ‘beating’, when I broke the family computer, I had to stay up late and discover what had gone wrong.

Many of the lessons of computer repair remain relevant to this very day. Lessons such as: don’t delete system files, and don’t install too many programs.

Most of the problems on today’s computers are more of a matter of management. We tend to think that the issues are a virus, when more often than not, it’s something innocent, and probably self inflicted (not judging! It happens!).

Let me help you get your computer to function like it did when it was new. In most cases, you should still be able to run a computer up to 10 years old. Basically anything running on Windows 7 and beyond should stand the test of time… If it has Windows Vista, we might have some trouble.

I welcome you to message me (if your computer will allow it!) and tell me what sort of trouble you’re having. Fill out the contact form and let me know how I can help you and your slow, or virus infected computer.

Computer Repair Apprentice

Training my new computer repair apprentice :)

Service Area

I repair computers for people all across Norfolk County. Generally, the computers are dropped off at my house in Simcoe for repairs. I also do on-site work as well, but due to the lengthiness of the process, it is always best to do the work in my shop.

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